Think outside of the box!! How can you use these tools to help students increase their vocabulary?? To enhance lessons?? To peak students' curiosity?? Grab your students' attention by customizing signs and images for your Wikis!

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Note: This URL is for Teacher Use Only--some graphic choices are not appropriate for school



Postit Note Generator
Happy Face Generator
Library Catalog Card Generator

Dumpr-Photo Fun

Hang your photo in an art museum! Other special effects are available, too, at Dumpr.

thinkabout.png Think About It!
How could you use this to engage students? As an activity on your class Web site?

fd's Flickr Toys...links to creating posters, stamps, trading cards and a variety of other things!

Custom Sign Generators...links to a myriad of possibilities

Post-It Note Generator

Create a Motivational Poster

Save a Reminder on Your Hand the Electronic Way


Dunkin' Donuts Sign

Add Letters


Acme License Maker


To Add Web Images to Your Site

Easy Directions for Mac Users

  1. Create the image online
  2. Hold down the Shift and Apple Keys and hit the 4 to access a "selection cursor"
  3. Use the cursor to select the portion of the screen you want to "capture"
  4. The screen capture will be saved on your desktop as a .jpg or .png image file
  5. From your Wiki or FirstClass Web site, add the image file as you would add any other graphic