1. Bing Images: School Clip Art
  2. Awesome Clip Art for Educators
  3. Discovery Education Clip Art Gallery
  4. School Clipart
  5. Free Clipart-Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and more!
  6. Barry's Clipart Server
  7. National Education Network Gallery
  8. WP Clipart...Click on Browse the Gallery
  9. Teacher
  10. Clip Art Gallery
  11. Northumberland LEA Clip Art
  12. School Clip Art
  13. Icon Bazaar
  14. Sprixi >
  15. Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin
  16. Wise Gorilla Educational Clip Art


General Photo Sites

  1. Wikimedia Commons
  2. Pics4Learning
  3. US Government Graphics and Photos
  4. PD Photo
  5. Flickr Creative Commons
  7. Free Photo 1
  8. Google Life Photo Archive
  9. ....copyright protected images
  10. Library of Congress: Themed Resources for Teachers
  11. 4 Free Photos
  12. Morgue Files...."Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work"
  13. Photosynth

Social Studies, History & Geography Photos Sources

  1. National Archives: Photos and Pictures Online
  2. National Archives: World War II Photos
  3. National Archives: Photos of Native Americans America From the Great Depression to World War II
  4. American Memory Maps Collection
  5. AICT images of art and architectural works from ancient to modern times
  6. Daguerreotype Portraits and Views 1839-1864
  7. Graphic
  8. Images of American Political History >
  9. travel images

Science & Health
  1. Centre for Bioscience Image Bank
  2. Department of Agriculture Image Gallery
  3. Department of the Interior Photo Resources Library
  4. Great Images in NASA
  5. NASA Image Exchange
  6. NASA Multimedia Gallery
  7. NASA Photo Archive
  8. NASA's Planetary Photojournal
  9. National Health Museum

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art
    ..copyright info